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The 4-step process to hitting better iron shots

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If you want to start hitting better short shots around the green, no matter how good your mechanics are, you have to develop a good feel for distance. One thing I like to do when I practice is to make a few throws with the golf ball around the practice green. Why? Simple, it takes my mind off the stroke and helps me to determine how hard I'll have to hit the ball. You'll be amazed that without thinking too much about mechanics, your natural athletic ability will take over by having your eyes tell your arm how far to swing and therefore how far to throw the ball. Try it. Your distance control will greatly improve.

When it comes to practicing your putting, when was the last time you practiced putts at different distances, all on the same line? Be honest! Probably not recently. A great drill/practice routine is to line up some golf balls all on the same line, at distances around 10, 20 and 30 feet. Hit one putt at each distance and notice how the different lengths of your swings will result in hitting the putts different distances. With this drill, you'll develop better distance control and lag putting. By doing this quick drill before starting your round, you'll also be able to determine how fast or slow the greens are rolling on the course that day.

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