Swing Myths and Simple Fixes

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Myth #2: Keep your left arm straight

A straight, rigid left arm not only can cause you to have a reverse pivot, but also can have the opposite affect on your right arm at impact. In the small photo below, notice what happens if you have too much strain in your left arm at the top—you’ll lose your ability to shift your weight properly, and in doing so, the right arm will straighten too soon on the downswing. So, if the left arm is too rigid, the right arm will do the same through the impact zone.

Let it bend

Hey, if you can keep your left arm straight without strain, go for it. It will add power. But if you can’t, it’s perfectly acceptable to allow for some bend in the elbow. By allowing the elbow to flex, the body will rotate more, and the release through the downswing will be much more fluid. In the photo below, I’ve lessened the tension and strain in my arms, which then allowed my body to rotate much more than it did with a rigid left arm.

Myth #3: Keep your left heel down

Lift your heel
Not everyone is as flexible as Tiger Woods. Scratch that. Nobody is as flexible as he is! If you aren’t flexible enough and you attempt to keep your left heel grounded as you swing, you’re likely priming yourself for a reverse pivot (as shown above). Instead, by allowing your left heel to raise (naturally, don’t force it), the body can shift its weight back and forward much more effectively. Nicklaus, Snead, Palmer, et al. They all lifted their left heel. Why shouldn’t you?


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