Rough And Tough Shots

Escape Tough Lies With Ease

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In case I need to hit a big fade or a slice, I'll need to do the exact opposite of what I did when hitting a draw. Aim the clubface at the target, and align the body left of the target. This will effectively open the face relative to your body line, helping you to not only hit a fade, but hit it higher, too.


To hit a good fade, the goal is to delay the release of the hands and hold the clubface open (relative to the body line) through the hit. The key to doing this? You have to keep rotating the body! Look how much more my body has rotated here vs. the draw swing. This is what you want to achieve in hitting this shot.


Once again, swing along the body line, not the target line! Don't let fear keep you from rotating your body and
swinging to the left of the target. Also, when you do set up to hit this shot,
take one more club than usual, since fades from this setup fly shorter and higher than do normal shots.


Tough bunker shots require tough practice! To hit a high and long bunker shot, you need to activate your hands and whip the clubhead through at impact. In the sequence below, notice how my hands are cocked and, just before impact, they release and make contact with the sand and ball. Through impact, my hands release, but I retain the extension of my arms. That's what you want to help hit better, more consistent bunker shots from farther distances.

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