One-Club Wonder!

Who needs 14 clubs? Your 6-iron can do just about anything.

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Chip It Close!

When you're near the edge of the green, you have a good lie, and there's plenty of room for the ball to roll, the 6-iron is the club you want to chip with. It'll keep the ball low so that it's in the air for 20% of the time and rolling 80% of the rest. As you already likely know, it's much, much easier to control a ball that's on the ground than one that's in the air.

To ensure that you make the proper contact, place the ball in the back of your stance, and your hands forward. This delofts your 6-iron even more, ensuring that the ball stays low. By placing weight on your forward foot, you also help to make a downward strike into the back of the ball. That descending blow pops the ball up and onto the green and gets it rolling right away. A narrow stance encourages less lower-body movement and thus better contact.

Once you have all those setup keys, all you have to do is swing the club back and forth by rocking your shoulders and keeping your wrists firm. Don't hinge your wrists! Don't lift up or feel the need to help the ball into the air by flipping your wrists. Simply rock back and forth while keeping your left wrist firm and let the club do the work.

Jeff Johnson, PGA, teaches at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, Calif. For more information, visit


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