One-Club Wonder!

Who needs 14 clubs? Your 6-iron can do just about anything.

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Get Up and Down

Here's an unorthodox play from a greenside bunker. Typically, you'd want to use a sand wedge or pitching wedge from a bordering sandtrap, but in this case, with the pin far away, I want the ball to release and run out toward the hole. By using my 6-iron, I ensure that the ball lands without much spin and rolls the rest of the way to the cup. (Warning, this shot should be practiced a bit before trying it on the course!)

Before you attempt this shot, make sure the bunker has very little—if any—lip. Too high a wall and you might hit it into the bank and end up with another shot from the kitty litter. Also make sure you have a good lie on soft sand. Hardpan, wet sand or "fried eggs" will make this already advanced shot more challenging. Open your clubface and stance, place about 60% of your weight on your forward foot and hit a couple inches behind the ball—that's a must!

Note in the photos how open my face is in my followthrough and how much sand I've taken. You absolutely must remember to do both these things if you're going to be a successful greenside bunker player—no matter what club you use!


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