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Want to stop the chicken wing and make a better downswing rotation? Stick a glove under your left armpit and swing. If you can hold the glove through your swing, you're doing a better job at rotating both your body and your arms. If not, and the glove falls, you're stopping your body rotation and your arms are separating through the shot. That's a no-no!

To monitor how well your transition into the downswing is going, try the Pump Drill. Simply take the club back and down, but stop when the hands reach waist high. Check and see if you still have a good wrist cock and the clubface is parallel with the back of your gloved hand. Your right knee should already be bowing in toward your left leg at this point, too.

If you really want to make contact from your setup position, set up with an impact position! This is a great way to train the body to remember what it's like to feel the proper impact position. Start with a simple setup, then simulate impact, then make a full swing. Odds are you'll swing more freely and get a better feel for a good impact position in no time.

Bobby Hinds, PGA, is a GT Senior Instruction Editor who teaches golf at Woodley Lakes in Van Nuys, Calif. For more info, visit


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