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I like to think about where I want to be when I finish every shot. When it comes to short pitch shots from less than 50 yards, I like to finish with my body turned toward the target and my clubface facing the sky. This helps me better gauge distances, spin and trajectory. All I have to do is swing a little faster to change my distances. The key? Rotate, rotate, rotate. The body needs to turn all the way through the shot!

You can't see it, but this shot landed mere inches from the hole. The clubface is facing the target and so is my belt buckle.

Hitting shots with your hands and not your body will lead to all sorts of problems around the green.

If I had a nickel for every student I've seen in this position after a pitch, I'd be a very rich man. Because the body stops, the hands flip over, the clubface closes and the ball goes who knows where. Just because it's a short shot, that doesn't mean the body shouldn't rotate. Think of short shots as mini full swings, not long putts!

At the top of my relatively small backswing (I'm hitting about a 30-yard pitch shot here), you can see that my upper body has rotated away and the toe of the clubface is pointing up. This is a good position to be in. All that's left to do is rotate the body toward the target. Also, notice the hinge in my wrists. There's some hinge, but not very much. Why? Because I'm not hitting this shot with my hands. I'm using my body.

At impact, this is exactly what you want. The shaft is leaning toward the target, the body has rotated, and my head is directly above impact. This is what I like to call a controlled impact position. If I can get here with all my pitch shots, I can better control my results.

Through impact, the wrists have not folded over. In fact, they're still ahead of my hands. Why? Because my body did all the work! Getting into this position is proof that I've rotated through the shot. Also, check out the clubface. It's facing the sky and aimed right at the target. Copy these three positions and you'll start hitting better pitch and chip shots right away.


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