How To Win The Masters

There Is More Than One Way To Come Out On Top

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Left: Angel Cabrera 2009 Champ; Center: Trevor Immelman 2008 Champ; Right: Zach Johnson 2007 Champ
One of the things I enjoy most in golf is the opportunity to travel to Augusta, Ga., for The Masters each spring. It’s truly an amazing event and one every golfing enthusiast should experience at least once in his or her lifetime. From the Par 3 Contest, to the magnolias in bloom, to the best back 9 in championship golf, The Masters is beyond compare in both style and competition. I love the tournament’s international flare, not to mention the unique array of champions who have donned the infamous “green jacket.” In this segment, I’ll break down some of the keys to victory of the tournament’s most recent champions: Angel Cabrera, Trevor Immelman and Zach Johnson. With these simple tips, you’ll find the keys to success to conquering “golf’s greatest major!”

Zach Johnson, 2007 Masters Champ
Score: 289, one over par
Margin Of Victory: One shot over Rory Sabbatini, Retief Goosen & Tiger Woods
How He Won: Destroyed par-5s by laying up to his perfect wedge range
His Shot: How to hit the 3⁄4 wedge

1. Set left
The key to feeling confident from a short distance is to make consistently solid contact. Players who allow their weight to shift away from the target generally have an inconsistent bottom to their swing arc. This produces both fat and thin hits.

On shots from within 100 yards, set your weight more toward your left side. As a result, your swing will, in essence, pivot around the left side “post” you’ve created. This left-sided stability will ensure you maintain your swing center and improve.

2. Control your length
A long, loose swing creates a wide shot dispersion. To tighten up your direction, you need to keep your swing length under control. Work on creating a go-to shot (a 3⁄4 swing is a good place to start).

Next, take a look at your swing from the face-on perspective. (I suggest either asking a friend to watch you or tape yourself with a video camera.) Once you swing as far back as you’d like and make some corresponding solid hits, measure how far you’re hitting the ball. That’s your go-to shot. Then do the same with swings of varying lengths to bolster your arsenal!

3. Hit firm with the correct wrist angle and pressure at impact
In golf, the “knockdown” shot is one in which the player creates a tight, piercing ballflight that can cut through strong headwinds.


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