The Ten Best Swing Tips

That You've Never Tried!

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Think of brushing the grass to avoid lifting the putter.

Even after impact, the putter should stay low.

Another overlooked aspect of putting is forgetting to hit the putter's sweet spot. Many golfers tend to lift the putter up too soon in the stroke, often causing contact with both the bottom of the putterface and the top half of the ball. This combo wreaks havoc on your distance and directional control. Instead, think of the putterhead as a brush on the ground. You want to make as long a brushstroke as you can across your stroke. As you can see here, I'm actually using a brush to demonstrate keeping the putterhead low to the ground through the whole stroke. Do that and you'll find the putter's sweet spot more often.

But what if lifting the putter isn't a problem? What if you swing the putter too low and often stub the putter on the green while you putt? I've got the drill for you. Take two coins, a penny and a dime or a nickel. I'm using a dime here, and have it situated on top of the penny. Now, here's the trick. I want to make a stroke and knock off the dime without touching the penny (if this is too difficult at first, try a nickel instead).

It's a challenging drill, but a fun one, and a great way to keep the putter low, without touching the ground.

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