Stroke Saver: Seven Key Stretches

Get limber for better golf

1.DYNAMIC LUNGES To help swing the club with the necessary torso stabilization, the dynamic lunge is an awesome stretch. First, place your front leg (do one leg at a time) out in front of you with your knee forming a right angle (a towel on the back knee can be used for support, if you want). Keep your back upright by pulling your navel in and lifting your rib cage off your waist. Also, place both hands over your knee. From here, lunge forward and keep your upper body vertical as you do so. Repeat this stretch 10 times, then switch sides. After just a few stretches, you'll feel that this stretch will help you make a better hip turn in your golf swing and improve your posture, too.

2.WINDOW WASHERS One of my favorite stretches for increasing flexibility in the lower body, especially in the hips, is the window washer. Begin on your back with your feet wider than hip-width apart and your heels placed outside of the glutes. Inhale as you press your knees to one side, then exhale to the starting position. Alternate from side to side 10 times, and remember to breathe as you perform each stretch. This stretch not only is great for warming up, but it feels great during the round, too! If you hit a congested tee box, take a minute and feel free to do a couple of window washers. It helps you rotate your hips properly and stretches the quads and lower back.


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