Play Like A Pro

11 Tips To Help You Play Your Best

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Turn Your Back To The Target
Here’s Woody Austin teeing off on the 13th hole at Riviera Country Club during a practice round at this year’s Northern Trust Open. He has selected a driver and made a full turn in his backswing. In fact, it’s so full, his back now faces down the fairway. Woody is 46 years old, and you can be sure he stays limber to torque up like that. When you combine a big shoulder turn with quiet hips, as he’s doing here, you create a lot of coil. Unleashing that is the first big step to hitting long drives.

Develop And Repeat A Consistent Preshot Routine
When the game’s best golfers get ready to play a shot, a few things happen the same way, time and again.

1. Choose A Target & An Intermediate Target

2. Focus On The Intermediate Target

3. Aim Club At The Intermediate Target

1.) To establish a target line from their ball to their target, they always stand behind the ball. In most cases, they pick out an intermediate target (a spot, blade of grass, etc.) three to five feet in front of the ball and align their clubface and body lines to it.

2.) They assemble their grip while behind the ball and then walk in to address the ball from the side. The grip assembly from behind the ball is important so you don’t have to fidget while over the ball. Like the pros, always aim the clubface at the intermediate target and then align your feet accordingly.

4. Align Your Feet & Body Lines

5. Reconnect To Your Target

6. Picture Your Target While You Swing

3.) They breathe, retain a concentrated focus on their primary target and make an aggressive swing.


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