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About Face

Today's drivers are more forgiving than ever. In fact, some could say that the driver is the most forgiving club in the entire bag. Why? First, it's the biggest. And the bigger the overall head volume, the bigger the clubface can be. And the bigger the clubface, the easier it is to hit straighter, longer shots. Now, this doesn't mean that bigger drivers have bigger sweet spots. They don't. Instead, they tend to have a greater area around the sweet spot where you can make contact with the golf ball and still produce good results. This is what "forgiveness" actually means. More forgiving drivers are ones that produce little to no noticeable distance/accuracy loss on shots off the sweet spot.

Most equipment manufacturers take advantage of a variety of titanium face designs, primarily because titanium is lightweight, strong and resilient. And while faces tend to look relatively the same on the outside, behind the clubface is all business. It's here that some drivers have mixed thicknesses and cool geometries, which again, work to make the area around the sweet spot as forgiving as possible. Other variants include a "cup-face" design, which is a fancy way of describing a clubface that includes the front part of the crown and sole of the club. This means no welds on the actual face, which some manufacturers say leads to greater distance and forgiveness.

No matter what clubface you encounter today, rest assured it's a lot better than we had to choose from as little as 10 years ago. Just be sure you get fit for the right driver for your game!



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