Top 50 Tips

Check out these top 50 tips from one of our best pros.

30. Proper Sequence Is Key
There are many elements of impact that must come together to produce consistency, but the key lies in the sequence. From the top of the backswing, the legs and hips must initiate the downswing by moving toward the target, past their original position at address. This creates the proper tilt in the shoulders that allows the right arm to remain flexed at impact, while the left wrist becomes flat. Basically, a proper impact position is the result of a proper sequence of movements.

31. Bottom Out
Notice how the logo on my shirt has moved closer to the target at impact than it was at address. The bottom of the swing will occur under the logo, making it a must to get it past the ball if you want to make ball-first contact.

32. Control Your Distance
A proper divot is taken just beyond impact, but it should be shallow. Shallow divots allow you to hit your clubs consistent distances, while deep ones don’t.

9 Necessities:

33. First-Class Travel Bag
Be sure to check out Club Glove’s Last Bag—it’s indestructible.

34. A Portable GPS Unit
These impressive devices are reliable and easy to use. Some even allow you to measure your drives.

35. Properly Fitted Shoes
The importance of a solid pair of golf shoes that fit can’t be overlooked.

36. A Hybrid Or Two, Or Three
If you’re the last holdout in your foursome to resist the hybrid trend, stop it. They’re not a trend at all.

37. Golf-Specific Sunglasses
Golfers are at a high risk for macular degeneration and other unpleasant eye diseases.

38. Stress-Reducing Aid
Q-Link and Trion:Z are worthy.

39. Weighted Practice Club
Swing one of these properly (smoothly), and your technique will improve, just like Vijay’s does.

40. High-Moi Putter
Blades milled from carbon steel look and feel nice, but they’re not forgiving. Get a putter that’s easy to use.

41. Spray-On Sunscreen
We all hate getting our hands greased up before a round. The spray bottles work great.


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