Top 50 Tips

Check out these top 50 tips from one of our best pros.

8. Posture Not Perfect
Unless you’re young or unusually flexible, you’re not going to look like Tiger Woods at address. Stay relaxed rather than forcing your back straight.

top 50 tips9. Through The Navel
An extension of the shaft at address should point at your navel. This ensures that the body is bent over the proper amount and is far enough from the ball.

10. Leg Angle
The lower leg should angle away from the ball at setup. This helps the body weight move off the heels and into the balls of the feet. This is an athletic position that really works.

11. Neutral = Straight
There are two key alignments to strive for at the top of the swing that will make hitting fairways much easier. The most important of the two is the clubface position, which should be square (the leading edge basically is parallel to the left arm). Learning this position will remove the need to compensate on the downswing with the hands. Positioning the club parallel to the target line is also extremely important.

12. Find Your Swing Plane
You can swing on an upright or flat plane and be effective. However, if you want to be neutral, keep your left arm running up through your left shoulder at the top.

top 50 tips13. Get Behind
There’s no leverage in the golf swing if you’re ahead of the ball. Good players move away from the target slightly in the backswing and don’t pass the ball until after impact.

14. Kneework
The right knee should remain flexed, but it must rotate on the backswing to allow the hips to complete their turn. When done properly, this allows the weight to work into the right heel.


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