The Truth About Ball Flight

Why things happen the way they do in the golf swing

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Just because irons are shorter than woods and drivers doesn't mean the swing is much shorter. A full extension of the arms indicates a full body rotation up into the finish. Try and feel as though the arms feel longer post-impact, and keep that feeling as you draw your arms into the finish. Do that, and you'll find the body doing more to help you
finish the swing, not your hands.

Joseph Mayo is the director of instruction at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's cofounder of Waite Mayo Golf with PGA Tour veteran Grant Waite. Visit

With Joseph Mayo, cofounder of WAITE MAYO GOLF

1 What's the number-one fallacy in golf instruction?

Without question, the biggest fallacies are the ballflight laws. The face is primarily responsible for starting the ball, not the path. Also, rotating the face doesn't draw the ball. A lot of instructors, commentators and experts have it all wrong.

2 How do you use TrackMan with your lessons?

In my opinion, TrackMan is the greatest invention we've ever seen in the history of golf instruction. I use it every day. It tells me exactly what the golfer is doing, that I can't, nor can any instructor, see with the naked eye. It tells me things that the camera can't record, either. Without it, you're guessing, and I refuse to guess.

3 You're friends with Touring professional Grant Waite. How was that relationship forged?

Grant and I first did a golf school together in Las Vegas about three years ago. We were brought together by a mutual friend. Grant was told of my ability with TrackMan and he wanted me to present my information at his school. We really hit it off and developed a great friendship and, ultimately, a business relationship. Grant has opened many doors for me and helped me tremendously. I hope that somehow I've been able to help him, too.

4 Who has your favorite swing on the PGA Tour? Who has the worst?

My favorite swings are mostly from players of the past. Greg Norman is a favorite of mine for his driving and fairway wood ability. I like Lee Trevino for his amazing short iron play. And, like many, I've always admired Couples for his seemingly effortless power. As for the worst swing on Tour? I don't want to answer that one! I have to see those guys each week and don't want to open that can of worms!

5 How can Golf Tips readers reach you?
Golf Tips readers can reach me at or t This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . They can also follow me on Twitter at @trackmanmaestro. Grant can also be followed on Twitter at @grantwaite.


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