Shots To Score By!

Must know shots to get up and down more often

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I like to think of this chip shot as though you're lightly tossing a golf ball onto the green. In fact, that's a great drill to ingrain the proper feel. Simply grab a ball and toss it lightly onto the green. Do that a few times, and you'll develop a sense for the right sequence of motion when hitting a chip with your woods or hybrids.


If you find yourself in some long rough just off the green, any attempt to try and hit a regular pitch, chip or flop is going to be a tough one. To make things easier, and to produce better results, consider hitting this shot with the toe down and the heel raised up. By raising the heel, there's less club for the grass to try and grab.

Start by sliding your hands down on the grip and creating an almost straight up-and-down angle to the shaft, forcing the toe of the clubhead down. Your weight should be slightly on the target side, which creates the steeper angle of attack that you want. Next, the lower body stays very quiet in the backswing with very little release on the followthrough. The arms are going to be close to the body and the hands very quiet while the shoulders rock back and through on a downward angle to the ball. The followthrough should stay low through the shot, the weight quiet and the eyes focused on where the ball was through the shot. In fact, the body needs to stay tilted over the ball all the way through. With practice, you can learn how to control distance since it flies and rolls differently than normal chip shots. It's a real strokesaver!

It's critical that you don't get too flippy with the hands! If you use too much hand action, you'll have very inconsistent results. Instead, turn that sternum! 


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