Ready, Set, Swing

Six ways to improve your game without ever swinging the club

ready set swing
ready set swing
Notice how tight my arms are. It looks like I have somebody in a headlock. That tension is a real killer when it comes time to swing.
That’s more like it. My hands are firm on the grip, but my arms are relaxed. This freedom of movement will allow me to swing the club.
Proper Grip Pressure = Good Tempo
I don’t like to use the word “grip.” It doesn’t conjure the right image in a golfer’s mind. It sounds too much like trying to squeeze blood from rubber—not a good idea. I prefer to say “holding the club.”

FIND IT: Your hands should be firm, but your arms relaxed (above right). On a scale of one to 10, the pressure at which you hold the club should be a seven. Anything less, and you could lose the club; anything tighter, and you might not be able to swing. Remember, it’s a golf swing, not a golf hit. Swings come from good, free-flowing pressure, not death grips.


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