Ready, Set, Swing

Six ways to improve your game without ever swinging the club

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Golf, at its core, is a game that can be learned and practiced without ever swinging a club. By learning what we call the fundamentals (mind-set, grip, posture, ball position and aim/alignment), you’ll train your body and mind so they’re in all the right positions before you swing the club.

Golf’s fundamentals are timeless—they withstand all the swing “revelations” and “secrets” that flood the bookshelves and media. They’re also more productive to practice on the driving range than the latest quick fix your buddy may have given you the last time the two of you played. (Not that he doesn’t mean well, but quick fixes only work for a round or two, and in no time, you’ll be back where you started—or worse.)

When you read this article and reacquaint yourself with the fundamentals (or learn them for the first time), you’ll be amazed at how fast your swing faults will go away.

There’s a lot of sand out there, but I’m picturing the ball splitting the fairway. It’s important to remain positive on the course, especially when you’re on the tee box. A good shot there starts you off on the right foot and brings confidence to the rest of your game.
Proper Mind-set = Confidence
Ever notice how your mind only hears nouns? For example, you  might say to yourself, “Don’t hit it in the water,” only to end up doing just that. Why? Because when you said, “Don’t hit it in the water,” your mind didn’t picture the fairway, it pictured water! Same thing when you tell yourself not to hit it in the trees, bunkers or any other hazard, for that matter.

FIND IT: The next time you tell yourself to do something, keep it positive, like: “Hit it on the green” or “I’m going to draw this shot right into the heart of the fairway.” That way, you’ll create positive images of successful shots. While it’s important to be positive on the golf course at all times, I believe it’s doubly important to be so on the tee box because a good opening shot will get you started off on the right foot.


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