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Get ready to hit it big

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Setting up with the ball in the right position is absolutely vital if you want to hit it big. Place the ball in the wrong position and you’re sure to lose major distance.

Notice how, in this picture, that the ball is well forward in my stance and teed up high? I teed it that way because I want to hit the ball on a slightly ascending blow and high on the clubface to take advantage of my modern driver’s trampoline effect. If I were to tee it up farther back in my stance (toward my right foot), I’d either hit down on the ball and pop it up or hit it low without a whole lot of “juice.”

It wasn’t always like this. When drivers were made from persimmon woods, you could tee it lower, but the way modern driver’s clubfaces are constructed, it’s to your advantage to catch the ball on the top of the clubface so it launches high with little spin. That way it’ll really carry.



In the large photo below, I’m addressing the ball, and in the small photo, I’m swinging just before impact. What these two photos demonstrate is cause and effect. My proper setup has produced a great impact position.

In the setup photo, however, note that I line the ball up just opposite the clubface’s toe. Why do I do this? Well, when you set up with your driver, your clubhead is on the ground, but the ball is elevated—they’re not at the same level. Still, the elevated ball remains your impact point. When I raise my club to ball level at impact, I naturally want the ball to be in the center of the clubface. But because of the difference in elevation between the two objects, when I return the clubhead to my impact position, the ball will be opposite my club’s heel. I compensate for this by addressing it off the toe.


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