Learn Like A Junior!

How to master fundamentals like a beginner

Let the hands hang naturally, with the palms facing inward. As you grip the club, simply move the hands in together as a unit. Don't twist or force anything.
If you open the hands artifically, you'll have a more difficult time finding a comfortable grip.

This grip is way too forced! It's a result of arranging the hands on the grip as opposed to letting the hands naturally hold the handle.


1. With the clubface square to your target line, place your left hand on the club while keeping the palm facing your right thigh. Then, grip the club and keep your thumb on the top.
2. Next, regardless of grip style, lay the bottom of the handle on the segment of your fingers next to your palm.
3. Finally, fold your right palm over your left thumb, putting the "hot dog in the bun." (The lifeline fits securely into the thumb.)

If you've done so properly, both hands will be turned inward, just like the Natural Arm Hang Drill!

Below are three grip positions, with two of them wrong and one correct. The left is wrong, with too strong a grip in both hands. This leads to big hooks and big slices that usually fly low. The middle one is the correct grip, and the right photo is a weak grip that often produces high, weak fades.

Remember, grip position isn't the same as grip pressure. You can have a firm or weak grip with good grip pressure. The key is aligning the hands so the wrists move freely through the stroke with just the right amount of resistance and control.


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