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Quick Tips From The Tour

Try your putting grip (as long

as it’s not left-hand low) from around the green. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels.   

Ken Duke
Chip With A Putting Grip
Putting is a precise motion, and it’s not uncommon for the hands to get too involved. When that happens, inconsistencies arise and make it harder to putt with any sense of control. The same goes for chipping. You want to limit as much hand action as possible. To do that, I like to use my putting grip (which happens to be a reverse-overlap) when hitting shots around the green. This does wonders to enhance feel and also prevents my hands from getting too active in the stroke. (If that happens, by the way, the hands tend to flip over too soon, causing a slew of bad shots.) But when I use my putting grip, I’m more inclined to keep the clubface square to the target and also use my body in a more rotary-driven motion (as opposed to the faulty, handsy stroke). Practice this often, and you’ll see how easy it is to hit more accurate shots around the green. Keep the hands steady during the shot, just as you would with your putting stroke.


Keep the hands steady during the shot, just as you would with your putting stroke.  

Unlike big, full swing shots that need a log of hand action, chip shots are better executed with soft, quiet hands.

Richard S. Johnson
Center Yourself
You can’t tell by looking at these photos, but I’m hitting into a stiff wind here. When you’re faced with this condition, the key is to keep your body as centered over the ball as possible during the golf swing. To do this, first position the ball back a few inches from normal and make sure you have the shaft leaning toward the target. Then, as you swing, allow your body to coil, only don’t shift your weight! Keep it centered, instead. By doing this, you’ll make a more upright swing and, hence, a steeper blow into the ball. These are the first steps you should take to hit a punch shot. From there, don’t hit the ball any harder than normal. Instead, just hit the ball with a steep angle and finish your swing in an abbreviated finish position. These two factors will help you hit the ball low with a penetrating trajectory. This shot works so well that some players actually hit it when there’s no wind, since it tends to fly very straight and with a predictable trajectory.  





Play the ball back a Few inches from normal. Try to keep the shaft leaning in the direction of the intended target. 



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