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It stands to reason that if you want to learn how to do something the right way, you should learn from the best. For this reason, we’ve gathered some shotmaking tips from current PGA Tour players. Pay close attention to the techniques they describe, and practice them regularly, just like they do. Soon enough, you’ll find that these Tour-proven tips will pay dividends in terms of better shots and lower scores. In addition, we offer a swing sequence of Padraig Harrington, arguably the best player in the world at the moment. Check out Padraig’s swing and strive to copy both its simplicity and consistency. You’ll be glad you did.

Padraig Harrington

He’s One Of The Best
Harrington’s secret is that he swings both on-plane and in sync. this type of move provides tremendous consistency.

More often than not, a golfer’s personality matches his or her golf swing. John Daly has an out-of-control backswing, Ernie Els has a silky-smooth tempo, Nick Price was machine-gun fast, and Tiger has a ridiculously athletic downswing. Then there’s Padraig Harrington. His blue-collar, never-say-die, workmanlike attitude shines through in his simple, yet extremely effective golf swing. What makes his golf swing so great is that it’s so consistent. In fact, his mechanics are so solid that it’s hard to find fault with just about anything he does. His angles are perfect, his pivot is unremarkable, yet flawless, and his commitment to the finish is unshakable. As a result, he’s competitive on every type of golf course, in all conditions, against the toughest competition in the world. This is an excellent swing to copy because it doesn’t require Tiger’s physique or outrageous flexibility. The simplicity of Harrington’s motion makes it among the very best in the game.






Great posture, a slight flex
in the knees and perfect
alignment of the shoulders are evident. 

Harrington has the ideal blend of an arms’ swing and body coil.This helps him stay in sync. 



His hands are running up through his right shoulder while his body maintains the proper tilt.

This is a great position! His weight is in his right heel and the clubface is totally square. 








Another great position—his arms are close to his body while his shoulders are closed.


He looks so comfortable here because his right foot is being pulled off the ground naturally.  

His right arm is parallel to his toes and the target line, a great indicator of a free release.  



Look at the photo directly above. The swing is on-plane and in sync. 



Harrington’s signature, rock-solid finish has his weight located on top of his left foot.   



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