Educate Your Hands

Better Iron Play Is Within Your Grasp

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Support Your Hands With Your Body
Just because you’ve already made impact with the ball, that’s not an excuse to stop rotating. In other words “rotate your hips” doesn’t mean you should rotate your hips until they’re open and then stop. Instead, rotating your hips means you don’t stop rotating them until well into the finish position. Keep rotating, and your hands and lower back will thank you. 

What happens when you stop shifting and rotating? The hands get “flippy” and kick it into overdrive to correct the lack of energy coming from the body. This makes hitting solid and straight iron shots a lot more difficult since the left and right hands have to retime their movements in a faster, more hurried fashion. Timing your hands with an inactive lower body is a really tough task to do repeatedly—practice turning your body so your arms remain in front of you throughout the golf swing.

Drills To Synchronize Hands And Body
Drill #1 Impact Bag
To practice both clubface rotation and shaft angle, try using an impact bag like the one I have here. With the club hinged hip-high on the backswing, swing into the bag—only this time, try to clip the bag at the very base and slip the club slightly under it with a square-face angle.


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