Bust Bad Habits!

Lose bad habits and start shooting lower scores right now!

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In golf, there are two mistakes
you can make. The first is a mistake that's easy to identify. This is the stuff like swinging too hard and losing your balance, hitting the wrong club or even trying to finesse a shot that you shouldn't be doing. When these types of mistakes happen and the results aren't that great, in most cases, you'll know what to do to correct that mistake and move on.

But what about the mistakes happening in your golf game that are harder to see? Are there any habits in your game that you're unaware of that are causing you to make mistakes? In the case of my students, I see bad habits all the time, oftentimes with my students having no idea what they are and the effects these habits have on their scores.

Let's take a look at 10 habits that you should be aware of and the quick remedies you need to bust those habits and get on the road to lower scores.


We've all seen this shot, and it ain't pretty. The pop-up usually is caused by a swing that's incredibly steep, which forces the top leading edge of the driver face into the back of the ball at impact. The result? A weak, popped-up drive off the crown of the club and an embarrassing idiot mark on the club. No bueno.

The fix is a fairly simple one, however. To quickly put an end to the pop-up, consider widening your stance. Odds are, you habitually have a pretty narrow stance already, so widening your stance will add width to your swing and help prevent a steep path into the golf ball. Just remember, as you widen your stance, keep the ball in the proper position relative to your left foot, meaning, add width by moving your right foot, not your left. This will help you keep the proper ball position in your setup.

A wider stance will help you create a wider, flatter swing arc to stop the popped-up tee shot.

Added width correlates to more clubhead speed, too.

Stay wide through the finish, with a good extension of the arms.


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