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Sporting goods and household items are the key to a softer swing!

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In football, the key is to control the centrifugal force of the weight of the foot swinging around the body and through the ball. Discus throwers throw out to the right, football kickers kick out to the right, and great golfers also swing out to the right. In fact, if you ask any great football kickers, they'll tell you it's best to aim at the right goalpost and draw the ball back in. This is the most powerful concept to learn in any sport. Because the lower body begins to unwind first, the kicker must swing his leg out to the right goalpost to enable the centrifugal force of his foot to be released. There is such tremendous torque because of this inner core unwinding, that if you swing your leg around toward the middle of the goalpost, the knee will begin to straighten out too early and the foot will swing across the football missing left or right. The same happens with the golf swing. However, many amateurs instinctively try to push the ball straight at the target, and the wrists open up prematurely, thus forcing the clubhead to be pulled across the target line producing an ugly slice or pull hook.


In these photos, I'm swinging out a little bit to the right of the target to produce a correct golf-swing motion through the ball. So practice this technique and trust that the ball will still fly straight, even though you're swinging a little to the right of the target.

One on one with Wally Armstrong

Wally Armstrong is a 1966 graduate of the University of Florida with a bachelor's and master's degree in education where he also earned All-American Honors in golf. A lifetime PGA Tour member, Wally has competed in more than 300 PGA Tour events in his career, and in his first Masters, Wally finished fifth, setting a rookie scoring record of eight under par at the time. His day job these days? Teaching golf using innovative, do-it-yourself techniques.

Golf Tips: What would you say is the most misunderstood aspect/component of the golf swing?

Wally Armstrong: That the golf swing is not up and down or backward and forward as the clubhead swings in a centrifugal circle. The "circleness" of the swing makes the ball go straight.

Golf Tips: What was the greatest lesson/tip you've ever received?

Armstrong: Reading Percy Boomer's book On Learning Golf where he makes the statement "In golf
(as in many other affairs in life) the obvious way is not always the right way." I based my whole teaching philosophy with this truth in mind.

Golf Tips: Having played on the PGA Tour, was there a player who truly impressed you?

Armstrong: I would have to say, in discipline, tenacity, focus and shot playing, Gary Player stands out, pound for pound, not only as a complete player but as a man of goodwill for all.

Golf Tips: You've become well-known for creating innovative teaching and training aids out of
common, household objects. Where do you find such inspiration?

Armstrong: Research done during my graduate degree in education at the University of Florida and understanding that 80% of learning is visual. Therefore, if you can show someone something without using words, and they understand and can relate to it, you've made incredible progress in the
development of their swing for lasting improvement. Using teaching and training aids out of
common household objects helps you to feel your way to better golf by taking all the mechanical manipulation out of the swing.

Golf Tips: What's coming down the pipe from Wally Armstrong?

Armstrong: The development of a new DVD & training aid that summarizes my 50 years in golf
called Swing the Circle and the formation of my new ultimate "learning golf by feel" website at where you can find my other DVDs, as well.

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