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Stop The Flip
Everyone knows there are no flippers on the PGA Tour. It's an entirely different story at your local practice range! PGA Tour players are really good at achieving Keys #1 and #2, which makes achieving Key #3, Flat Left Wrist, that much easier.

A flat left wrist keeps the shaft of the club from passing the left arm prior to impact. When the shaft passes the left arm prematurely, it's commonly called a "flip," and this move virtually assures lots of fat and skulled shots. To learn what a flat left wrist feels like, try the drill Chuck demonstrates in the YES photo on the right. Take a training stick and put it in the grip of your club so that a foot or so sticks out. Practice hitting the ball first, then the ground, without letting the stick hit you in your midsection.


While the first three keys are built to ensure a pure, compressed strike on the golf ball, the last two get down to brass tacks in terms of controlling the flight. Because your golf clubs are bent at an angle and golf is played from the side, you don't swing the golf club on a perfectly horizontal plane (along the floor) or vertical plane (up and down a wall), but rather, you swing it on a tilted plane (along the roof of a house).

Swing from inside out, as you can see by Chuck's position here.

Post-impact, the sweet spot path moves back inside the target line
Though this key matters most during the downswing, a backswing that follows the tilted plane back, up and in, as if you're swinging your hands and the sweet spot from the gutter to the peak of a roof, will put you in a better position to make a solid downswing.

A good backswing puts you in the position to deliver the clubhead from the inside. The sweet spot will travel diagonally forward, down and out toward the golf ball. To practice this, we like to use a training aid called the Medicus Vision Track (Chuck is using it in the photos).

This tool helps groove the inside-out diagonal sweet spot path. As you can see in the photos, the sweet spot travels from "in" (the left side of the frame) to "out" (the right side of the frame) throughout the entire downswing.

Hit a few balls and work on this. Don't worry which way the ball is curving—we're covering that next in Key #5!


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