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Let Your Weight Move Forward

The average PGA Tour player arrives at impact with 80-95% of his or her weight on the forward leg. The average amateur gets only 55% of his or her weight forward at impact! The movement of the hips toward the target with the weight progressing forward is one of the most noticeable differences between the best and worst players. That weight has got to move!

To train the proper hip movement, take a training stick and put it in the ground about the width of your hand away from your left thigh. That's about as far as your hips will need to move during the downswing. Practice bumping into the stick by maintaining the flex in your left knee as you move your hips forward.

Does this picture look like something you see on the local practice range? It's way too common, and though Chuck may have rotated his hips and shoulders, he has done so with his weight on his right side. He has virtually no chance of hitting a solid shot! Ouch! Just looking at this hurts.

Preset Impact Drill

A great drill to properly train the feel of Key #2, Weight Forward, is to pre-set your impact position before making a golf swing.
Here's how:

1) Set up over the ball as you normally would (not shown).
2) Move your left knee and hip toward the target and open them slightly. Let your hands shift toward your left thigh as you do this. You'll feel more weight on your forward leg.
3) Make a one-half to three-quarter backswing, leaving your left knee and hip forward.
4) From there, bump the hips even farther forward, hit the ball and swing to an abbreviated finish.
Doing this drill properly will set you on the path to achieving Tour-quality impact. If you're still hitting shots fat and thin, check out Key #3.


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