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I love this quick drill. Simply use two alignment sticks, (you can use two irons, too) and make an alley toward a hole on a flat putt. Make sure you don't make it too long of a putt; keep the sticks along the whole length of the putt and up to the hole (as you see here). Now, as you putt, I want you to concentrate on those two lines. This can be used not so much as a guide for your stroke, but to build some visual memory cues as you putt.

When you practice this, not only will you start making more short putts, but you'll ingrain a better idea of where the cup is relative to your stance and eyes. Again, don't worry about matching your path to the lines (even though it's okay to go straight-back and straight-through on short putts); rather use the lines as a confidence builder to help you remember that short putts can be easy as long as you set up and align correctly.

Finally, becoming a better putter is really about finding a style that suits you best. Even so, that doesn't mean there aren't a few basic mechanics that you should ignore. Of those, holding your head in a stationed position as you putt is critical. By being stationed (not necessarily rigid), you both see the line better and swing the putter on the intended line more effectively. To practice this, try what I'm doing here. Grab a basketball and place it between your knees. It may seem as though your lower-body stability isn't related to whether or not your head moves, but in reality, it is! A firm and steady lower body helps the upper body to rock the putter back without having to sway or slide away from the golf ball. So, give this great drill a try and work on keeping that head stationed. I bet you'll start making a lot more putts.



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