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A quick and easy way to get your backswing back on track is to use this simple drill. Grab a middle iron, and instead of gripping the handle, choke all the way down until the grip is pressing up against your stomach. From here, make a backswing, only keep the grip touching your stomach for as long as possible. This will help in two ways: First, you'll be forced to make a bigger, fuller rotation with the arms in front of your chest. Second, this will prevent you from making a backswing that's too steep, which, coincidentally is a problem for many folks who slice and hit a lot of pop-ups.

Let's get one thing straight. Hitting out of a bunker should not be as difficult as many amateurs make it out to be. The biggest fault I see when it comes to bunker play is that they try to lift the ball out of the sand by hanging back and hitting up on the ball. Or, I see golfers try to scoop the ball upward by flipping the hands upward. In both cases, it's unlikely anyone will see good, consistent results from the bunker. In the photos above, check out how my head starts and finishes well behind the golf ball. It's no wonder I flubbed this shot!


Now I'm on the ball. Literally. Hitting good bunker shots requires you to hit down into the sand behind the ball. In doing so, sand will accumulate under the ball and lift it out of the sand. There's no lifting or scooping necessary, instead let the club and sand do their work. To do this right, set up with your eyes directly over the golf ball. As you swing, keep your weight on your forward leg and strike down behind the ball with a steep swing. By staying "above the ball," you'll be able to swing more aggressively, hit the sand with authority and watch the ball escape the bunker with ease.


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