Quick Tips To Play Better

Get better, fast!

If you want to dial in your chips and pitch shots, you have to learn to swing with the bigger muscles, not the smaller ones. This means making more of a body rotation through the shot, as opposed to a handsy, flippy style that can lead to all sorts of inaccuracies such as thin, fat or even shanked shots. Also, don't be afraid to use more of the surface area between you and the hole. Hit the shot that's right for your distance, lie and situation from off the green.

A great grip is critical to hitting better shots, especially with your gloved hand. And it's also one of the parts of the swing that's easy to get right. Try this: Hold the club as I'm doing in Photo 1. Then, allow the club to fall behind you and catch it in your fingers, as seen in Photo 2. From there, grasp the club, as seen in Photo 3. This simple sequence will automatically get your gloved hand in the proper position. As for the right hand, cradle it around the grip in a similar fashion with the V formed by the finger and thumb, pointing at your right shoulder.

You've probably heard of "spine tilt" by now, meaning the spine tilts forward at address. But there's actually a second angle that many amateurs forget. In a proper address position, the spine tilts forward, and also slightly away from the target. This helps you not only swing more from the inside of the target line, but also make a more effective rotation away from the ball. So remember, when you set up, first bend the knees, tilt the upper body forward and tilt the shoulders slightly away from the target. This will make a huge difference in your ability to hit solid shots.


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