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A wedge with more “bounce” displaces more sand at impact. Get a wedge with plenty of bounce, and your bunker shots will get easier.

Why Can't I Pitch It Close? You’re scooping under the ball instead of hitting down on it.

Crisp pitching requires an abrupt takeaway and relatively steep downswing. To learn this technique, try laying a headcover down a couple of feet behind the ball at setup. Practice taking your backswing without making contact with the headcover. This will force the desired, abrupt takeaway and steep downswing, leading to better contact and increased spin.

Quick Fix
One of the reasons so many amateur golfers are unable to spin their shots around the green is a ball position that’s too far forward. This generally leads to scoopy pitches and thin contact. Instead, try moving the ball back in your stance, just off your right heel (for a right-handed golfer). By moving the ball to this position, you’ll help promote a downward hit on the golf ball, which is the only effective way to create spin. Keep in mind that moving the ball back will create a lower trajectory, so adjust your club selection accordingly.

If you want Tour-like spin, get yourself a box of urethane-covered golf balls. The pros swear by them.

PuttingWhy Can't I Control My Distance On Long Putts? You’re focusing too much on the ball instead of on the target—the hole.

Inconsistent lag putting is a common problem that has a simple cause: Most golfers spend too much time looking at the golf ball and not enough time looking at the hole. If you’re having trouble with your lag putting, try this drill: Set up to the ball and begin concentrating on the hole while making practice strokes, all the while trying to feel the stroke. Then hit the putt without taking your eyes off the hole (don’t look at the ball). You’ll be amazed at the results. 

Putters with a high MOI, or Moment Of Inertia, provide added forgiveness due to extreme perimeter weighting and an enlarged sweet spot.

Why Do I Miss So Many Short Putts? You're taking the club too far inside or outside.

Short putts are typically missed due to a putting stroke that travels inside or outside the target line. To straighten out your faulty stroke, construct a track with string that runs from the ball to the hole, no longer than five or six feet in length. Take your stroke and concentrate on keeping the putterhead within the track on the backstroke and throughstroke.

Teaching professional Brady Riggs instructs at Woodley Lakes G.C. in Van Nuys, Calif.


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