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Angle 3Club Angles The wrist hinge drill is an excellent way to learn the feeling of a proper, square clubface position at the top. At setup, simply hinge the club up in front of you, then turn your shoulders and lift your arms. Eventually, your body will learn to create this position on its own, without conscious effort. Practice this often enough, and your accuracy will improve.
Quick Fix
If you want a quick method for improving your clubface angle at the top of the swing, try concentrating on feeling the majority of the club’s weight in your left thumb at the top. When the clubface is too open or closed, it’s usually because the hands are rotated is the wrong direction. When the left thumb is under the club, you know the clubface is square.
Overly stiff shafts can have a negative effect on your accuracy. Instead, try shafts with a softer flex that you can swing smoothly. Your tempo will quickly improve, and so will your accuracy.

Solid ContactWhy Can't I Make Solid Contact? You're not pivoting correctly.
An improper pivot is a common cause for poor ballstriking because it causes the low point in the swing to be too far behind the ball. To improve your pivot, try the “heel up” drill. Start by assuming the proper impact position, with your left hip kicked slightly toward the target, but lift your right heel off the ground. Hit short shots at first and then gradually add some power to your swing. This will help move the low point of your swing forward and induce a proper, descending hit on the ball.

Quick Fix
If you’re having trouble with your ballstriking, try this simple trick and you should see some immediate results. At setup, place the majority of your weight on your left leg. This will help pre-set your impact position and get your body weight forward. By placing your weight in this way, you should be able to compress the ball more effectively.

Also known as “game improvement,” GI designs include offset hosels, wide soles and large cavities. The offset hosel, in particular, can be a huge help to anyone who struggles with ballstriking.

Play Around ObstaclesWhy Can't I Play Around Obstacles? You have the ball too far back in your stance.

A ball position that is too far back in the stance will make varying the trajectory of your shots very difficult. To improve, find a spot on the range that has an upslope and practice hitting shots with the ball forward in your stance. Concentrate on keeping your body behind the ball throughout the swing, and you should see your trajectory improve right away.

Quick Fix
The 60-degree wedge is one of the best tools ever invented for hitting utility shots around the course. Though improving your faulty ball position should be your goal, putting a lofted wedge in your bag is a quick and easy way to make hitting the ball over obstacles a reality.

Why Can't I Get It Out Of The Bunker? You don’t understand the technique.

Although the bunker shot is one of the easiest plays in golf, many golfers still struggle with it. The reason is because they don’t understand that, for solid bunker shots, you have to strike the sand, not the ball. A good drill is to simply draw a line two inches behind the ball (while it lies in the sand) and repeatedly practice slapping the line with the sole of your club. Once you can do this consistently, you’ll see the ball flying out of the bunker on a wave of sand every time. 

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