Unlock The Magic

Solve golf?s toughest puzzle by widening your swing

Towel Drill Towel Drill
Another good drill to ingrain backswing width is to position a towel as shown (this represents your left arm). As you turn your shoulders to complete the backswing, use your right arm to keep the towel taut. The feel created is what you’re looking for: The right hand and arm work to extend your left arm.

Unlock The Magic
For the best results, think wide to narrow to wide. Create width in your backswing by brushing the club away from the ball without breaking your elbows or wrists. In my own practice and play, I envision a paintbrush at the end of my shaft, and try to lay a coat of paint on the grass behind the ball. I can’t stress how important it is to create width from the moment you set the club in motion. (The Towel Drill, right, is another good exercise to ingrain the key feels of a wide backswing.)

Your ultimate goal is to use this width to get narrow on the downswing and find the slot. If you can execute this Magic Move, you’ll not only hit shots with power and accuracy, but you’ll eliminate a good majority of your most damaging swing flaws. Poor impact, a lack of power, an early release (the clubhead racing ahead of the hands through impact), casting, topping the ball and many others are errors that result from transitioning from a narrow backswing to a wide downswing. Work on the key: widening your backswing. Only then will you be able to unlock the magic in your swing.

Sweep The Grass Drill
To create needed width in the backswing, it’s important to do so right from the beginning. Envision a paintbrush at the end of your shaft. In taking the club away, try to “paint” the grass behind the ball. It’s a great visual that really works.

The Model
Instruction model and PGA professional Tim Brown teaches at English Turn Golf & Country Club in New Orleans, La., home of the PGA Tour’s Compaq Classic.

PGA professional and Senior Instruction Editor Chuck Winstead is the Director of Instruction at the University Club in Baton Rouge, La., and English Turn Golf & Country Club in New Orleans.


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