Unlock The Magic

Solve golf?s toughest puzzle by widening your swing

Brush The Ball Brush The Ball
Place a second ball six inches behind your clubhead on the target line. Then, simply “brush” this second ball away to start your backswing. To do so, you’ll need to turn more with your shoulders and resist the temptation to pick up the club. One key is to keep your wrists from hinging (right) or your elbows from folding.

Maintaining Width
As you swing to the top, retaining width is an absolute must. As you complete your takeaway, brushing your clubhead away from the golf ball, “stretch” to the top of the backswing. In other words, use your shoulders to complete your turning motion so that the muscles on the left side of your torso (for a right-handed golfer) are taught and loaded. Now you’re wide.

Drop The Glove Of course, the downswing is an up-and-down motion as much as it is an around motion. Therefore, as you turn your shoulders, your hands and arms should lift the club skyward. Be careful here. If you focus on simply lifting your club upward, you’ll lose width. The key is to maintain the width between your body and hands that you established at address throughout the backswing.

The Drop The Glove Drill is a fantastic exercise that helps you not only create width on your backswing, but ingrains the sensations that should help you retain that width all the way to the top of the swing. If you stretch to the top properly, the glove, placed under your right arm at address, will drop.

Drop The Glove
It’s crucial that you follow a wide takeaway with a wide backswing through to the top. A good exercise to ingrain the sensations of a wide backswing is the “Drop The Glove” drill. Place a glove under your right arm at setup. The key is to allow the glove to drop by maintaining width in your swing.

If your backswing is too narrow, the glove will stick.

Wide To Narrow To Wide
How does a wide backswing relate to creating the Magic Move? Good question. The answer: A wide backswing creates a narrow downswing! If your arms and hands are extended in a wide position at the top, they can move into a narrow position to start the downswing. Penick’s Magic Move is exactly that—moving from wide to narrow. Your hands and arms can’t drop into the slot position if they’re extended at the top. In fact, they can only do the opposite, that is, extend outward. This swing flaw is a huge no-no. It causes casting, an early release and all types of impact misery.

If you’re wide at the top, you can get narrow on the downswing. That’s magic. More importantly, when you go from wide to narrow in the transition, you can achieve a wide, powerful, full release of the club. Narrow backswings lead to wide downswings, which lead to narrow, weak and restricted impact positions.


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