Swing Management 101

How to find your flaw and fix it right away

Fault 4 Fault:
Early hands release results in a loss of power
If you release your hands too soon, it’s a sure bet you’re going to lose power! Now some argue that amateurs should release the hands sooner than touring pros, and I agree. But if you’re too soon, you run the risk of “casting” the club, which seriously leaks horsepower from your swing. It’s also a sign of hitting the ball as opposed to swinging through the ball. An early release is sometimes caused by an overactive right hand (left for southpaws). In this photo, my right hand has taken over, and I’m on the verge of hitting a weak, sweeping duck hook to the left. The face is already square, and you can only imagine how shut it’ll be on the ball! 

Fix 4 Fix:
Turn the body before you release the hands
See a trend here? The gist of this article is to get the body turning properly! In the critical nanoseconds before impact, it’s imperative that the body continue turning well into the finish. And regarding your wrist cock, if you continue your body turn, I guarantee your hands will release. The force of your rotation, along with gravity, will cause your hands to unfold at the lowest point on your swing arc. It’s here, where the arms and wrists extend and maximum clubhead speed is achieved. By the way, it’s also where today’s modern clubshafts are designed to release, resulting in even more power. As for accuracy, by not manipulating the hands and turning instead, you’ll see shots that fly straighter than shots you try to steer. 

Barry Goldstein is a teaching professional at Inverarry CC in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.



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