Straighten Your Tee Shots

Quick tips for straighter hits

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Plane Pains. Hitting solid shots works best when you’re on plane. Here I’m too upright, as evident by my left arm covering part of my face. Check out below for the rest.

A flat position at the top, where my arms are below my shoulders, will require my body to lift up and try to force the ball into the air on the downswing. (See below.)

With the proper plane at the top, with a flexed lower body and my left arm bisecting my shoulder, I’m poised to make an on-plane downswing without rerouting the club.

If you’re upright at the top of your backswing, you’ll likely end up staying there and hitting the ball standing straight up. As for straight shots? Not gonna happen.

Even though I was flat at top, my impact position was upright. I was forced to try to lift up and reroute my swing to make impact, causing all sorts of crooked shots.

By staying on plane, I can turn more freely and return the club to where it was at address. My body has rotated, but notice my head. It’s right where I started.


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