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The golf swing is meant to be a circle! All of the aforementioned motions, from leveraging against the ground to rotating the body and hinging the wrists, correlate to a circular swing of the golf club. As you can see by the ribbon below, all the parts of the swing come together so the clubhead can travel on a simple circle. There’s no up and down or backward and forward. Just a circle!

The next time you practice, remember the key goal isn’t to hit the ball using brute force. Instead, concentrate on the overall goal, which is to get the club swinging in a circle. You’ll find that having this circular swing thought will keep you from swaying back and forth and coming over the top or even making a reverse pivot. Stay in your circle, and you’ll see better results!

Swing The Circle

If you really want to get serious about what it means to “swing the circle,” don’t miss Wally Armstrong’s brand-new Swing the Circle DVD, available at swingthecircle.com. In it, Wally explains the circle from the inside out, as well as how to turn any swing into a circular one for longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots. In addition, the Swing the Circle DVD comes with Wally’s own Circle Build Ball training aid, designed to help golfers better feel the sensation of swinging in a circle with a smooth, rhythmic tempo. For more, visit swingthecircle.com.

A lifetime PGA Tour member, Wally Armstrong has competed in more than 300 PGA Tour events, including numerous major championships, and is recognized as one of the game’s most creative teachers.

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