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GOLF, BY ITS very nature, is like a variety of sports. As in other sports where you’re required to kick, throw, hurl or hit an object, in golf, we use a rotational motion that’s leveraged against the ground, which produces a powerful circular, free-flowing swing.

Let’s look at a placekicker, for example. As the kicker steps into the kick, he’s pushing into the ground with his left leg, which allows for his right leg to swing with powerful circular force through the football. In golf, we do the same thing, only our whole left side is planted into the ground as the club whips through the hitting zone.

Furthermore, a good kicker knows that the secret to more accurate and powerful kicks is to kick out to the right goalpost and draw the ball back in. It’s the same in golf! Better and longer shots are the result of a slight inside-out swing path. Swinging inside-out opens up the body and results in a wider, more powerful free-flowing swing.


LIKE OTHER SPORTS, golf builds up power through body coil. As with a discus throw, where the body, from the knees to the shoulder, first coils away and around, the golf swing also coils.

As the body coils away from the target, the lower body stops coiling at some point. It’s at this point where true power is formed. The more you can turn your upper body after your lower body has maxed out, the greater your torque and the faster your body will enable your arms and hands to whirl the club around and through the hitting zone.

When that happens, the key is to uncoil by first rotating the lower body toward the target and by making an arc as wide as possible with the arms and clubhead out toward the right of the target—just like the kicker swung his leg out to the right, hooking the ball through the goalposts. The wider the arc, the more centrifugal force and the more power you’ll leverage into the ball!

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