Myth Busted!

Popular golf myths debunked

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THE FAULT: Impact is not the moment of truth in the golf swing—it's the culmination of everything before it. Many people think if they fix their impact position, they'll fix their swing. The reality is that impact is the result, and the rest of the swing is the process. Golfers who focus on impact miss out on the real moment of truth—truly experiencing the completion of the backswing and the transition into the downswing. Until those change, impact will never get better.

THE FIX: Super-slow-motion swings. Take two super-slow-motion swings (taking more than 30 seconds each) and really pay attention to your swing all the way—especially in the transition area. Usually, unwanted tension in the hands, shoulders and arms shows up in this area, which ends up ruining your swing sequence and destroys impact. After your two slow swings, hit five balls and see if you can keep your attention strong through the swing prior to impact. Until you start feeling what's messing up your swing, you can't change it!


THE FAULT: Golfers are always told to hit down on the ball, but this typically leads to a chopping motion at the ball where the arms outrace the body and the club gets to the ground too quickly. This also leads to the dreaded over-the-top motion.

THE FIX: Make practice swings with your eyes on the target, not the ball. The club should strike the ground naturally on its way toward the target. It should never be forced to the ground. Pay attention to the feel of simply "allowing" the club to find the ground as you swing with your attention on the target.

Dan Martin, PGA, is the head instructor at Rustic Canyon Golf Course in Moorpark, Calif. For more information, visit


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