Left Arm Position

The Drill The Drill
Here’s a drill that will help you keep the left arm extended on the backswing and fold it correctly on the followthrough. First, make sure that you’re holding the club correctly in the left hand. Second, take your right hand and place it on your left wrist. Your right thumb should point to the ground and your palm should face the target.

Swing back and keep your left arm extended by pulling it across your chest with your right hand. Keep your hands away from your head. Focus on maintaining the radius you created at address all the way to the top of the swing.

Now, swing down. As you begin to release through impact, physically rotate your left forearm with your right hand. This is how you square the club at impact. Once you begin to rotate the left forearm, you’ll feel how the left arm correctly folds on the followthrough. Do this several times until it feels natural. When you take this new feeling to the course, you should experience a more efficient swing and longer, straighter shots.

Class-A LPGA professional Karen Palacios-Jansen is the Director of Instruction for Swing Blade Golf (www.swingbladegolf.com).



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