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Today's fairway woods hit the ball a mile. Don't always assume driver is the right play, even on long holes. Always go with what feels right, not necessarily what the scorecard insinuates you should use off the tee.
Don't assume every tee shot on a par-4 or par-5 requires a driver down the middle of the fairway. Tour players look at all of their options before executing a tee shot.

It's important to realize you have options to help you put yourself in the best position to play to your strengths. It's not a long-drive contest out there! Weigh your options and no matter what, play to your strengths, not whether you can hit it as far as possible. However, don't get me wrong, sometimes a big drive is the right play. Just don't force it. In golf, there are no rules on what club you have to use for any shot. Go with the one you're most confident with—always.

Once you decide your course of action, trust it! The worst thing you can do to a good swing before it happens is to fill your mind with doubt, tension and lack ofassertiveness.

Once you pick your target and the club you're going to use, put your golf bag out of your peripheral view. The club in your hand is the only club you have at this moment, and you must trust your ability to produce good results with it. Remember, you chose this club for a reason, so stick with the plan and commit to it!

When you start second-guessing yourself, you're not only going to limit your mental toughness, your mind will start wreaking havoc on your body's ability to swing freely.

What's going on in my head at this point? Not much! I have a picture of the shot I want to hit and all I'm concentrating on is getting to a full finish. I've already committed to my swing shape and targetline, and I've made my club selection. No need to steer the ball, just let it go, trust my decisions, and swing!

One position i see with virtually all tour players is this one. No matter how they take the club back on the backswing, I'd bet anyone five bucks they look as I do in the upper-left photo about one-quarter of the way into the downswing. Tour players instinctively allow the club to drop behind them as they initiate the downswing. The upper-right photo is the classic over-the-top move. Here, the upper body and lower body are overrotating, forcing the clubhead away from the body. When you're too preoccupied with moving the clubhead down at the top of the swing, this is what likely happens. Instead, let the club drop vertically at the start of the downswing!

From the top of your golf swing, try not to get fixated on getting the clubhead back to the ball. If anything, ignore it and allow the club to vertically drop behind you as you begin the downswing. If you do that, you should look like this.

If you're fixated on the clubhead at the top of your swing, you'll likely swing from over the top as you see here, which, by the way, rarely produces good results!


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