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Hitting Short Chips & Pitches Fat & Thin?

One of the common faults from my students on greenside shots is improper weight position. It's an easy thing to forget on the golf course, as well. So, here's what you need to know. If you're struggling with fat or thin shots, stop feeling the need to lift the ball into the air and get behind the golf ball. Keep your weight on your left side, and trust the loft of the club! By staying left and hitting down into the ball, you'll find it easier to make ball-first contact and, in the end, hit better, more consistent shots.

Trouble With The Shanks?

While I've suggested that swing changes aren't a good idea midround, if you have the shanks, something has got to be done to stop it. And since shanking the ball (where you make contact with the hosel and the golf ball) has such a scary connotation to it, I like to take it to the extreme to stop shanking right away.

This means, swinging the club like Jim Furyk! If you're shanking the ball, likely you're cutting across the ball from too much outside to inside the target line. So, to fix this, consider routing the club on the backswing way outside your target line, and then drop it under the target line on the downswing. This creates a swing path that lassoes out and back inside the target line, ensuring you swing more from inside to outside the target

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