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Frozen Setup?

Once you stop waggling, how do you start your swing? You need a swing trigger. My favorite one is to activate the knees, and gently kick your right knee in toward the ball just before you start your backswing. This "kick-starts" your swing and helps ease the transition from a static position to a dynamic motion.

If that doesn't feel right for you, try some other triggers like swiveling the head (a la Jack Nicklaus), pressing the club down into the ground, or even pulling your right elbow into your side. These types of triggers can eliminate the frozen feeling you sometimes have at the setup and help you make a smooth, free-flowing golf swing.

Losing Control??

If you're struggling with controlling your shots, sometimes it's not so much your swing but how you hold the club in your hands. If the club is slipping, or if you're readjusting at any point during your stroke, you'll never have consistency out on the golf course.

Also, pay attention to not only your grip position, but your grip pressure, as well. If you have too little pressure, that too can cause control issues, and if you grip the club too firmly, you may be restricting the release and rotation of the hands. The key, as always, is to have a fundamentally sound grip that's out of the palm and in the fingers. And also a grip that retains a firm but comfortable pressure on the handle throughout the entire swing.

Make sure the club is out of the palm of the left hand and laying more toward the base of the fingers. This promotes proper face rotation on the takeaway, also called a one piece takeaway. A good grip and smooth start will make a big difference in your consistency. Try holding the club as I'm doing here. You'll get the proper feeling right away.

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