Flaws And Fixes 2004

Cure common faults by getting to the source

Improve Your Setup PositionFault: Bouncing Putts Instead Of Rolling Them
Fix: Improve Your Setup Position

Putts bounce when the putter strikes the ball with negative loft. There are several reasons this happens, the most common of which is positioning the ball too far back in the stance. This creates an excessively forward lean to the shaft, which de-lofts the clubface, negating the normal four degrees of loft built into most putters. As a result, the putter approaches impact on a downward strike and the negative loft drives the ball down into the turf. The ball pops up and bounces before it begins to roll properly, destroying both distance control and accuracy. 

The long-term solution to the problem is creating a stroke that gets the ball rolling end over end as quickly as possible, which begins by positioning the ball forward in the stance, with the shaft perpendicular to the ground and the hands almost directly over the ball. From this position, the putter will contact the ball from a level or slightly ascending path, which gets the ball rolling immediately. This is what Tiger and other pros refer to as “releasing the putter.” Try using a pitching wedge to putt and concentrate on meeting the middle of the ball with the leading edge of the clubhead.

Create Some Wrist CupFault: Hooding The Face
Fix: Create Some Wrist Cup

When you’re hooded, the leading edge of the clubface is parallel to the ground. It leads to hooks, pushes and low shots. The Fix: Don’t be afraid to let your left wrist cup a bit.

Fault: Fanning The Face
Fix:  Keep The Left Wrist Flat
A fanned clubface at the top is caused by a weak grip or an excessively cupped left wrist. The Fix: Point your right palm at the ball on the takeaway. This helps create a flat left wrist at the top.

Fault:  Under Plane
Fix:  Think “Left”

On the downswing, the clubhead is below or under the original shaft line as it approaches impact, and can create the gamut of poor shots: The Fix: Try to start the ball left of target.

Fault: Over Plane
Fix: Right Elbow Below Left

The clubhead is above or outside the original shaft line as it approaches impact—a huge no-no. The Fix: Keep the shaft between your forearms.

Fault:  Trapped
Fix:  Maintain Posture

A common flaw where the right elbow becomes stuck behind the hips on the downswing. The Fix: Maintain your spine angle throughout the swing.


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