Flaws And Fixes 2004

Cure common faults by getting to the source

Proper Bunker SetupFault: Leaving The Ball In The Bunker
Fix: Learn The Proper Setup

Recreational golfers tend to have problems getting out of bunkers because their setup position is incorrect. Most amateurs play the ball well back in their stance and position the clubface relatively square to the target. From this incorrect position, the clubhead is forced to dig too deeply into the sand, resulting in very little energy transfer to the ball. In a proper bunker shot, the sand that lies directly behind and under the ball is shot out of the trap, carrying the ball with it.

The long-term solution is creating the proper starting position to facilitate a splashing of the sand instead of a dig. Fortunately, accomplishing this task is fairly simple; move the ball forward in your stance and open the clubface. This position will allow you to come into the shot on a shallower angle, which will facilitate blasting both the sand and the ball out of the bunker and onto the green.

Takeaway OutsideFault: Inside Takeaway
Fix: Keep The Club Outside Your Hands

In an inside takeaway, the clubhead travels below or inside the shaft line and under the desired backswing plane. This leads to a flat beginning of the backswing and eventually causes a lift of the arms at the top. The Fix: Keep the club outside your hands until your wrists hinge.

Fault: Outside Takeaway
Fix: Keep Your Chest And Arms Connected

Golfers guilty of an outside takeaway usually detach their left arm from the chest. This makes the backswing too upright at the start and can lead to a laid-off position at the top, resulting in a steep downswing, fat shots, pulls and slices. The Fix: Keep your hands moving down the target line longer and “attach” your left upper arm to your chest.


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