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5 Fault: You Can’t Hit A Draw
You’ve been hitting high cuts all day—the face has been open at impact, creating loft and a weak cut—but now you need to hit a low draw.

Fix: Close The Clubface, Then Grip It
Aim a little right of your target and play the ball about an inch farther back in your stance to help promote a more inside-out swing path. Then turn your club’s toe toward where you want your ball to finish and regrip the club. With the face closed and the ball back, you can impart a lot of right-to-left spin while hitting a lower, drawing ballflight. Make sure your hands release the club instead of pulling and blocking through the impact zone.

6 Fault: You’re Topping It
Topping happens for a lot of reasons. Usually the bottom of your arc changes because you’re losing your balance, and your spine straightens to help you regain it.

Fix: Start In Balance, Stay In Balance
In your setup, check your balance by lifting your heels first and then the balls of your feet without moving your knees to ensure you’re in balance. Then make a smooth practice swing and focus on cutting the grass/scuffing up the turf and finishing in balance. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to repeat this with the ball simply getting in the way. Note in the photos below how my impact positions are affected by my setup positions.

7 Fault: You Can’t Escape The Rough
When your ball is in the rough, you still make a sweeping swing. That gets the clubhead stuck in the taller grass. As a result, the club decelerates and twists, sending your shots short and to the left.

Fix: Hit Down With A Hybrid
To create a more descending strike instead of a sweeping stroke, set up with your weight favoring your left side. The ball should be slightly back in your stance, and your shoulders more level. Now make a 3/4 swing and make sure you stay on your left side and create a slightly steeper angle into the ball so that you have less grass to work through.

Remember to make a shorter backswing and feel that you’re into your left side as you hit down into the ball. The deeper the grass, the more lofted club you’ll need.

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