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Impact! When you get here, the body should be rotating, the left arm should be in line with the shaft and your left leg, and the club should make solid contact with the golf ball. But what you can't see so well from the photo is that my hands are actually rotating, as well. If they don't, I won't be able to release the club through impact, causing my arms to fold, and hence, you end up with the chicken wing. And mind you, chicken wings may taste great, but they have no place on the golf course! 

Instead, allow the arms and hands to rotate through the shot, keeping the extension of your arms through the hit. The ungloved hand will eventually cross over the gloved hand, which is what you want. And by the way, the easiest way to ensure a good extension of the arms through the shot, is to remember that the arms extend most effectively when they're placed in front of your chest. That means keep your body rotating through the shot and keep your arms in front of your sternum. Do that, and you'll find it easier to make a full extension and avoid the chicken wing altogether.

Ken Green, teaches at Kip Puterbaugh's Aviara Golf Academy in Carlsbad, Calif. For info, visit


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