7 Deadly Swing Sins

Say goodbye to making the same swing mistakes

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Most fat shots occur because your weight has stayed on the back foot instead of moving toward your front foot. The key is to not try to help the ball up, but let the club's loft do its job for you! You want to get to your left side in the downswing and focus on the bottom of your swing arc being past the ball on all iron shots. In other words, the bottom of the swing arc is under your left shoulder, not the ball, folks.

The first step is to understand that impact position is different than setup position. At impact, you're dynamic: You're getting into your left side, the hips are turning open, there's forward shaft lean, and the clubface is squaring up. The most important factor, again, is knowing that the bottom of the swing arc is under the left shoulder. Meaning, you should be hitting slightly down instead of trying to help the ball up. You want cut the grass and take a divot past your ball, not before it.

Also, you need to understand what it means to shift to your left side. Set up with the club across the shoulders and make a backswing. To start the downswing, feel as though you shift into the ball, with the left shoulder staying lower than the right. When you swing, just shift to the left, let the arms drop, and then you can rotate to your target. Don't lean back to help the ball up! It may feel like you're sliding left at first, but as long as you continue with a solid "bump" and rotation through the downswing, it's not a slide. It's how the downswing should look and feel!

It seems I see the same mistakes with pitch shots over and over again. Maybe it's because a pitch shot is a "tweener" shot, meaning it's not quite a full swing and it's not a short swing like a chip. So, invariably, most golfers mess up by taking a huge backswing and try to finesse the ball with their hands. Talk about a deadly combo! To hit a pitch successfully, go with your normal setup and just play ball in middle of your stance. Remember, the loft of the club gets the ball up in the air; you don't need to help it up with the hands. Second, as you swing, hit down on the ball and allow the hands to extend through the shot. Don't get handsy! Note in the correct photo below the separation of the hands and body after making contact. That's what you want. And it's easy to do as long as you take a more modest backswing and you rotate the body through the shot, not flip the hands through it.


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