50 Ways To Lower Your Score

Use our top tips, equipment advice, Tour examples and a few new training aids to play your best golf

3. Swivel Your Head
During the backswing, allowing your head to swivel to the right with the rotation of the shoulders will facilitate a much greater shoulder turn and a much greater potential for power. This move also will place less strain on your neck and back, as your head won’t be locked in place. Jack Nicklaus was known to start with his head in a pre-cocked position for just this reason. Swiveling your head on the backswing effectively adds power by allowing you to make a larger swing (check the sequence below).


Tiger Driving4. Pro Files: Copy Tiger’s extension past impact for more distance
Few people in the world drive the ball with more authority than Tiger Woods. But while most golf fans probably think he generates his impressive power through physical strength and sheer athleticism, one of his biggest keys is the way in which he freely releases the club through impact. Notice how Tiger’s arms are fully extended past his body, with the clubhead pointing straight down the target line. This full arm extension, which features no muscle interference or tension of any kind, is an absolute must for the production of clubhead speed and power, because it allows the clubhead to actually accelerate through the ball. This type of swing is accomplished by leveraging and releasing the body, rather than by sheer muscle strength.

5. Extend For Power
Through impact, the arms should be thrown out, away from the body and not connected to the chest. This move not only generates power, but also helps create the proper release of the club. Contrary to popular belief, the arms shouldn’t be in front of the body at impact; they should be on the right side of the body. Try to think of your arms reaching the ball when your belt buckle is facing the target. If it feels like your arms are sucking into your torso, try to exaggerate the feeling of rotation—your arms should start to shoot out by themselves.


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