50 Best Swing Keys

What to do and where to be throughout the swing for guaranteed success

Release Release
1 A proper release always displays arms that are fully extended and crossed over one another. Full extension is a must for accuracy and power.
2 The fingers in the left hand should be visible, indicating the clubhead was square through impact.
3 The left hip and leg are still in-line and straight. This position is absolutely necessary if you want to strike the ball with authority. A firm left side also helps the clubhead gain speed through impact.
4 The right foot should remain on the ground until it’s pulled up by the power of the club swinging past the body.

Release Drill
Though a large percentage of amateur golfers struggle with the release, it really isn’t that difficult to learn. Begin by assuming your normal address position and then turn in your left foot (for a right-handed golfer), so the toe is pointing away from the target. Then pull your right foot well back of its normal position. Being sure to maintain this position, begin making Lee Janzenabbreviated swings and simply concentrate on making solid contact with the ball. You should notice immediately that it’s almost impossible to spin out with your shoulders or swing over the top in an out-to-in pattern. Instead, you’ll be forced to keep your front shoulder closed and your right hip back, away from the ball. The club should pass by your body rather easily and the ball should travel significantly further than you expect.

Upright Alright 
Notice how upright my body looks here. There’s no sagging of the knees or torso and the club is fully extended down the target line. You must have good posture if you want the club to release properly without any restriction. 
Finish Pro Techniques
Two-Time U.S. Open Champion Lee Janzen can really let it go.

Lee Janzen (left) is an interesting golfer to look at because his release displays both the good and the bad. You can clearly see that his arms and hands are nearly perfect, as he’s fully extended and crossed over beautifully. However, Janzen is also leaning back excessively, as he’s known to do, which for most golfers will cause an inhibited release of the club and an inordinate number of hooks (which Janzen suffers from as well). To avoid this problem, concentrate on maintaining good posture.

1 A good, balanced finish should have the right shoulder positioned so that it’s even or slightly ahead of the left foot.
2 A straight back not only promotes good balance, it’s much easier on your body than a reverse “C”.
3 The right foot should be pulled up into this position by the rotation of the body in the release. 
4 At the finish, the knees should be even with one another, indicating that you’ve turned fully, with your belt buckle facing the target.

Teaching professional Brady Riggs instructs at Woodley Lakes Golf Course in Van Nuys, Calif.

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